Product Banding with Sleeves

Product banding with solid board sleeves is a packaging type with high visual impact. The sleeving machines or carton-banding machines pursue a new packaging concept: Wrapping of different containers with a cardboard loop.

Whether ready meals in aluminum trays, chicken and turkey parts in thermoforming trays, canned fish, yoghurt in PET cups, ice cream in bowls - the applications are virtually limitless.

The cardboard loop can be printed on perfectly, simply loosened and separated from the container for recycling purposes. Fast product and/or format changes are easy to handle - the advantages are obvious. Our modular constructed devices and additional equipment fulfill multiple additional demands.

Machine and Technology:

Two machine type series are available to cover different requirements, providing maximum reliabiliy and flexibility. Requirements for packing at or above the blank, the machine type HS-IV-S with side insertion is best suited. Requirements for packing below the blank, our longitudinal sleeving machine type HS-II-S is the right packaging solution.