Bag-In-Box Solutions - Suitable for all Bag Sizes

Flat bags, side gusseted bags or block bottom bags.... DIENST has high capacity solutions for all „bag-in-box“ tasks. Soups, sauces, puddings, just a few of the products which may be inserted, stacked and packed in cardboard boxes.

Granola and cereals may be processed too, in all bag sizes and in a reliable and gentle manner.

Machine and Technology:

Sturdy, established cartoning machines with modern servo-driven technology are the source of classic packaging machinery. Dependent on required performance, one of four various machine types are available. 

According to product arrangement inside of the cardboard box, special equipment is offered: collecting systems consisiting of compartment devices or carrier systems (ICS). Quick in-feed systems with short response times are suitable for majority of applications.

Modular machine construction allows many possibilities of extensions and adaptation of variable requirements.