Cardboard packaging instead of plastic blister packaging

The horizontal cartoner replaces the plastic blister packaging and automates the processes of erecting, filling and closing.

DIENST Verpackungstechnik from Hofheim am Taunus manufactures components and systems for the automatic packaging of food and non-food products.

Cardboard packaging instead of plastic blister packaging
For consumers, it is no longer just the quality or price of a product that counts. Sustainability has also established itself as an important factor in the non-food sector. VARTA and DIENST have recognized this high priority of consumers.

VARTA wanted to replace plastic blister packaging with a sustainable alternative. DIENST was therefore commissioned to develop a solution for the pure cardboard packaging of VARTA batteries. The solution is a horizontal cartoner from DIENST. The horizontal cartoner automates the processes of erecting, filling and sealing.

The problem was a real challenge. Because there are 10 different carton variants and correspondingly 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 formations. This means, for example, that 10 small AAA batteries have to be inserted into the cardboard box. The output with 4 lines per format is 850 products per minute. The highest output of format a) is up to 213 cartons per minute. A remarkable productivity.

The boxes have a tuck-in closure with additional glue flap, thus guaranteeing a tamper-evident closure. The practical packs can also be closed again after piece-by-piece removal.

This packaging solution is designed for recycling, as recyclability was already a priority during development. The batteries are packed stably and securely by the DIENST horizontal cartoner even in the pure carton packaging. The recess on the front of the carton acts as a viewing window through which the batteries are also visible from the outside. This means that plastic can be dispensed with completely for this packaging solution.

At a glance

  • Cardboard packaging instead of plastic blister
  • Designed for Recycling
  • Horizontal cartoner automates the processes of erecting, filling and sealing
  • Stable and secure packaging
  • High productivity: 4 lines per format, 850 products per minute, up to 213 cartons per minute
  • Closability of the package
  • Fields of application: Packaging of non-food products, e.g. batteries.





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DIENST at new location

Hofheim, February, 23rd, 2021


DIENST at new location


In the year of its 33rd anniversary, DIENST Verpackungstechnik moves from Hochheim to Hofheim. Almost ten years after the takeover by POLAR-Mohr, the company is fully integrated into the POLAR Group. New personnel also comes on board in the course of this.


The formal takeover of DIENST Verpackungstechnik GmbH by POLAR-Mohr already took place in 2011. POLAR's wholly-owned subsidiary was previously located in Hochheim am Main, about 20 kilometers from the Hofheim site.

Like DIENST, POLAR is a mechanical engineering company. POLAR specializes in the manufacture of equipment and solutions in the field of print finishing. DIENST, on the other hand, is a manufacturer of packaging machines for food and non-food products. The integration into the POLAR Group began with aligning the corporate design and cooperation at the departmental level. The move ultimately became necessary due to DIENST's high production capacity utilization, for which the Hochheim plant was no longer sufficient. After DIENST's final assembly had already moved to Hofheim in 2018, the packaging specialist's complete relocation was completed in January 2021.

In this way, DIENST will also be able to use POLAR's more efficient production facilities in the future. In addition, resources are to be allocated more flexibly. But the move is not just a spatial change. Several production areas have been adapted to the new requirements. Investments were targeted towards the replacement and renewal of production machines.

Investments were also made in the commercial areas, i.e., the office buildings. More than 70 employees now work in the modernized offices of "Building 16". From now on, this also includes Frigyes Borbély, who joins DIENST as Sales Manager. In his new function, he reports to Hendrik Kneusels, Head of Sales and Service of the POLAR Group. Borbély has a wide range of international experience in the packaging industry. Before starting his professional career, which included a period abroad in China, he completed a degree in technical and economic sciences. Borbély's sales team will be supported by Sales Manager Arnold Lackmann, whose focus will be on proactive, international market development. The previous Sales Manager, Michael Sünder, will remain with DIENST in a strategic position. With his extensive product and market knowledge, he will in the future act as Head of Pre-Sales Engineering.

And it is not only the sales department that is growing: With Tihomir Petricevic, DIENST has also gained a new head for the service department. His area of responsibility includes the office and field service. Tihomir Petricevic also reports to Hendrik Kneusels.

DIENST is thus entering the year 2021 at the new location with fresh personnel, which marks the 33rd anniversary of the packaging specialist's founding.


Contact person for press inquiries

Frank Mayer

Head of Marketing

Tel.: +49 (0)6192 204-226


We have moved! New phone number: +49 (0)6192 204-0

Our new address is:

Verpackungstechnik GmbH
Hattersheimer Straße 16-42
65719 Hofheim/Ts.

phone:    +49 (0)6192 204-0 [Switchboard -150]

You can reach us via our parent company POLAR MOHR until the new system is activated.
From 01.01.2021 onwards all departments of Dienst Verpackungstechnik in Hofheim can be reached.

The telephone sets in Hochheim will be forwarded directly to the employees.

We will do everything to continue to serve you well and remain reachable.