DIENST Pick & Place Systems

For Loading of Products or Boxes of Various Shapes and Characteristics

Top load loading systems are designed as a stand-alone machine or as an integrated component within a packaging line. The design of DIENST Top Load loading systems is characterized by the use of powerful standard components. This is highly cost-efficient. Customer and product specific designed vacuum or gripper plates complete the system.

Of course there is a wide range of product supply and handling systems, which ensure an effective automated packing process. Triplex models are there for handling tube like products such as plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, trash bags, organic bags and many more. The products are either picked up directly from the wrapping machine or taken from an intermediate conveying system and put into the boxes.

Function Principle

The pick and place module PP-D2 is a smartly designed cell with two axes driven by servo drives. Both single and multiple product handling is possible because of optimized transportation at the shortest cycle time.



The HE-Packer places in pre-defined sorting order boxes or trays in outer carton. Different variations of outer cartons are possible such as American-Case, Tray or Wrap-Around. 


Erecting or closing units can be added to the packaging solution. Equipment with up to four heads is available.

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Customer Benefit
  • all three models are suitable as stand-alone machines or as an integrated component within a larger packaging line.
  • settings by spindles with counters simplify fine adjustment.
  • suction and gripper heads perfectly matched to the product.
  • reproducible machine settings guaranteed because of editable storing of the set values.
  • clearly structured operation panel with self-explanatory display and visualization of functions.
  • speedy recovery after troubleshooting to ensure the highest availability of the system.
  • material protection, motion profile of the servo drives adapted to every format.
  • permanent data storage of the servo drives with trend analysis to prevent down-times.
Design and Equipment

The triplex model combines the servo drives and pneumatically driven movement. The products are picked up by up to 4 gripper heads at given intervals and then placed to box distance. The pick and place module PP-D2 positions its suction or gripper head through two servo drives. A technically sophisticated and highly stable mechanical coupling of the motion arms allow for a transfer weight of up to 40 kg. The HE-Packer can be equipped with up to 4 heads and handles pre-packaged products in outer packaging. Through independent movements, several cartons can be processed simultaneously.

  • separate drive of the modules with servo drives as precondition for a dynamic quiet run without vibration.
  • base frame out of stainless steel with leak-proof welding.
  • the used components are of extremely low-maintenance.
  • operation by colour touch screen.
  • specifically designed gripper systems for the product.
  • increase possibility of transfer weight.
  • use of additional axes to optimize the handling.
  • placing intermediate layers to separate inserted products.
  • equipment with different coding systems is possible.
  • network-capable production-monitoring by integration of third-party machines to the production line.
  • advanced corrosion protection under climatic requirements.
  • tailor-made customer control programs.
  • software module for remote maintenance and diagnostics.