Fully Automated Sleeving of Products and Folding Cartons

The Dienst HS IV S is banding products with paper loops with maximum efficiency. The DIENST HS IV S system automates the processes of sleeving and closing fulfilling highest demands. Thereby the product is placed on top of the carton blank.

Function Principle

During the process, the products come to the infeed parallel to the carton blank transporting on adjustable cassette belt.

They are positioned carefully through an insertion device on the flat carton blank. The sleeves are then folded several times as per customer’s requirements, closed with hot-melt glue and encoded if necessary.

Additionally for a secure connection, the sleeve can be fixated to the product by an individual type of glue.

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Customer Benefit
  • material protection through individual motion profiles of the servo drives adapted to every format with overload function.
  • safe insertion function and permanent fault monitoring with sensitive uncoupling of the slide in case of overload.
  • reproducible machine settings guaranteed because of editable storing of the set values.
  • clearly structured operation panel with self-explanatory display and visualization of functions.

The glueing of the sleeves is done with hot-melt application units. Encoding is possible as an option.

Design and Equipment

The DIENST HS IV S is developed ergonomically in a “3-zone-design”. The technical room is on top, product transportation is in the middle and plates in a dual function installed at an angle for collection or removal of any soiling are on the lower level.

The system consists of high quality stainless steel and wear-resistant materials, hygienically welded.

The product transportation takes place on a level with a secure access for the operator.

  • separate drive of the modules with servo drives as precondition for a dynamic quiet run without vibration.
  • automatic adjustment of the drag chain.
  • operation by integrated colour touch screen.
  • integrated machine monitoring with continuous detection of diagnostic errors are part of the basic equipment.
  • integrated lifting doors and light curtains.
Technical Data
  • mode: continuous, intermittent (change is possible)
  • performance*: max. cycles/min.: 200
  • closing techniques: hot-melt
  • format range:
    A = 70-150, B = 10-50, H = 105-200 mm
    other formats on request
  • cardboard magazine: horizontal approx. 1.200-2.000 mm
  • weight of standard machine:  approx. 1.750 kg

* depends on folded box format and/or product

  • implementation of all types of closing methods through individual alignment of the needed glue application system and the therefore necessary folding devices.
  • packaging or product based control devices, routing devices and infeed devices.
  • construction of multiple folding and glueing stations for different requirements.
  • additional infeed and insertion devices.
  • construction of individual special designs.
  • software module for remote maintenance and diagnostics
  • equipment with different coding systems is possible.