Fully Automated Assembling of Pre-Glued Cartons

The Dienst VK IV S automates the processes filling and closing of pre-glued cartons from all sorts of designs and carton qualities.

Function Principle

The DIENST VK IV S system automates the process of filling and closing of pre-glued cartons of different types and designs and of different carton qualities. The cartons are being erected by a rotation system and inserted into a drag chain. After transportation and closing of the bottom of the carton, it is filled through product specific loading or intake systems. The filled cartons are then being closed and encoded if needed. Several control mechanisms ensure an efficient operation.

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Customer Benefit
  • flexible adaption to all dosing systems.
  • different modes of operation selectable: continuous with surrounding craters, intermittent or continuous with standing craters.
  • product transportation only on one level with optimal access.
  • partly automated format change.
  • settings by spindles with counters simplify fine adjustment.
  • clearly structured operation panel with self-explanatory display and visualization of functions.

The bonding of the flaps is done with hot-melt application units or classical tape closing units.

Design and Equipment

The DIENST VK IV S automates the process of filling and closing of pre-glued cartons of different types and designs and of different carton qualities.

The system consists of high quality stainless steel and wear-resistant materials, hygienically welded.

The product transportation takes place on one level with a secure access for the operator.

  • separate drive of the modules with servo drives as precondition for a dynamic quiet run without vibration.
  • automatic adjustment of the drag chain.
  • operation with integrated colour touch screen.
  • integrated machine monitoring with continuous detection of diagnostic errors are part of the basic equipment.
  • integrated lifting doors.
Technical Data
  • mode: continuous, intermittent (change is possible)
  • performance*: max. cycles/min.: 160
  • closing techniques: hot-melt, tuck-in
  • format range:
    A = 70-300, B = 30-120, H = 130-350 mm
    other formats on request
  • cardboard magazine: approx. 1.500-2.000 mm
  • weight of standard machine:  approx. 1.850 kg

* depends on folded box format and/or product

  • packaging or product specific doses.
  • processing of special boxes available on request.
  • enlargement of the magazine for a higher intake of carton blanks.
  • optical sensors for the detection of open packaging flaps.
  • ejection station for detected incomplete packages to prevent down-times.
  • advanced conveyor and transportation systems.
  • network-capable production-monitoring by integration of third-party machines to the production line.
  • advanced corrosion protection under climatic requirements.
  • software module for remote maintenance and diagnostics.
  • equipment with different coding systems and coding types.