DIENST Transfer Systems

Loading Systems for Loading of Products with Different Shapes and Characteristics

Conveyors by Dienst are designed as a stand-alone machine or as an integrated component within a packaging line. All three systems take over the products individually or in groups and put them in synchronized sequence into the following tracking system, for example a bucket conveyor. Star wheel feeders are designed for the storage of bag products in different size and consistency.

Function Principle

Through the use of stars with at least 3 fans, a high cycle speed is achieved through short movements. The product infeed takes place into the following system unit or directly into the carton box.


Flap infeeds are designed for the feeding of different types of products. By using multi-stage systems it is possible to gather products in one stage and place them down as a whole. Conveyor infeed systems are used in particular for large products. 


The classic type of product packaging, for example frozen pizza, is handled by multi staged conveyor belts. They separate the products and place them into the continuously running following system or have them stacked in the intermittent system.

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Customer Benefit
  • take-over of single products or in groups through synchronized order.
  • format changes by spindles with counters.
  • operating components exactly matched to the product.
  • automated documentation of stored settings. Ensured reproducibility of all machine settings.
  • speedy recovery after troubleshooting to ensure the highest availability of the system.
  • material protection through individual motion profiles of the servo drives adapted to every format.
  • permanent data storage of the servo drives with trend analysis to prevent down-times.
Design and Equipment

The star wheel feeder consists of a conveying unit to separate the incoming products and hand them over into the star unit. The star uses 3 fans and rotates 120° degrees for product transfer.

The cascade flap too consists of a conveyor unit to separate the incoming products and hand them over into the first unit. The stacking devices open and close their base plates in-line and hand the product over into the following lower stage. The last device then hands the product over to the subsequent system.

The conveyor infeed system consists of several conveying belts arranged consecutively to synchronize the product on the following system. Because of the aimed continuous flow, excellent performance can be achieved.

  • separate drive of the modules by servo-drive technology or frequency-controlled induction drives.
  • base frame out of stainless steel.
  • the used components are of extremely low-maintenance.
  • specifically designed operating components for the product.
  • leveling systems.
  • network-capable production-monitoring by integration of third-party machines to the production line.
  • advanced corrosion protection under climatic requirements.
  • tailor-made customer control programs.
  • software module for remote maintenance and diagnostics.