DIENST KA 100/190

Erecting Machines for Carton or Plastics into Trays and Boxes

The KA systems are designed for the erection of folding blanks with sophisticated shapes. The system can be equipped to increase performance by up to 2 hubs. DIENST KA systems are specially conceived for erecting processes of trays and boxes of various forms.

Both systems work in rotary manner of four steps of 90° order.

Function Principle

With the model KA 100 the flat blanks are picked out of the vertical movable magazine by vacuum. Simultaneously glue is applied and with a 90° turn the blank becomes formed and stuck together by a forming tool around the forming head.

In the KA 190 model the magazine is arranged ergonomically in the machine front and transfers the blank with transfer arms to the forming head. After a 90° turn hot-melt or hot-air is applied before the blank is erected by the forming tool.

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Customer Benefit
  • standard forms of trays and boxes handled by this machine are: cuboids, polygon, conical pos. / neg., double wall and wave design.
  • quick and easy change of forming tools.
  • machine settings by spindles with counters.
  • clearly structured operation panel with self-explanatory display and visualisation of the functional sequence.

The bonding of the flaps and side walls is done through either hot-melt fingers, hot air or ultrasonic.

Design and Equipment

The DIENST KA system is designed in a modular style with special attention to flexibility and high system availability.

Both models are made of best quality stainless steel and wear-resistant materials.

  • the design ensures greatest possible accuracy in processing trays and boxes in nearly unlimited forms and design varieties.
  • the maximum output per minute is 60 boxes/min.
  • servo technology prevents vibrations and assures a smooth and dynamic run.
  • base frame out of stainless steel.
  • the used components are of extremely low-maintenance.
  • operation by integrated colour touch screen.
Technical Data
  • mode: continuous
  • performance*: KA 100/190 = max. cycles/min.: 60
  • closing techniques: hot-melt, hot-air or ultra-sonic
  • format range:
    A = 60-340, B = 60-290, H = 15-160 mm
    other formats on request
  • format variations:
    cuboids, polygon, pop-out box, pour box.
    double wall, conical pos./neg., concave, convex
  • cardboard magazine:
    - KA 100 = vertical approx. 350 mm
    - KA 190 = horizontal approx. 800 mm
  • weight of standard machine:
    - KA 100 approx. 750 kg
    - KA 190 approx. 800 kg

* depends on folded box format and/or product

  • modules for shape or special folding purposes.
  • sealing with hot air application or ultra sonic welding.
  • optical sensors detecting open flaps.
  • water cooling for hot air applications.
  • extended corrosion protection for special climatic demands.
  • tailor-made customer control programs.
  • software module for remote maintenance and diagnostics.