Top Load

DIENST case erector, filler and sealer systems – Top Load

DIENST Top Load solutions are designed for the process of erecting, filling and closing trays and boxes of different packaging material qualities and shapes.

In the erector, the blanks are pulled out of the magazine by a swivel arm, transported to the erecting head, where they are formed into the desired shape and fed to the filling position as a box.

Folding cartons are filled manually, continuously or by fully automated robots. The modularized system allows for subsequent extensions.

The capper systems are designed for continuous sealing of adhesive and push-in closures, as well as coding.

Customer benefits

  • All DIENST models are suitable as standalone machines or as integrated components within a packaging line.

  • Simple and reproducible machine changeover by saving the setting values

  • Airtight welding for the highest hygiene standards

  • Intuitive user interface with self-explanatory display and visualization of the function sequence

  • Material protection thanks to servo drive movement profile adapted to each format

  • Permanent data storage of all servomotors with trend analysis to prevent production downtimes


Discover our innovative range of solutions designed to revolutionize your manufacturing processes. Optimize your production and increase efficiency with our advanced options.

Fully automated format changeover of the system, changeover time less than 2 minutes.

System configuration with up to 3 erecting heads.

Variable format tools to minimize change parts.

Format tools for processing special shapes.

Enlargement of the magazine for increased cutting capacity, extended autonomy.

Ejection station for detected faulty packs to avoid production downtimes.

Advanced sensor technology for comprehensive quality control.

Extended corrosion protection according to climatic requirements.

Equipped with various coding systems.

Network-compatible production monitoring including integration of third-party machines into the process chain.

Setup for remote maintenance, remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance and visual monitoring.

Two-stage formats, incl. format inlay possible in one process step.

Manual or fully automated carton filling.