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Satisfied customers are the best sign of quality - which is why we are pleased to present a selection of successful projects here!

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Gluten-free frozen pizza - packed with the P³ from DIENST

The P³ standard cartoner from the packaging specialist in Hofheim is a successful model. The Appetais company has also recognized this: It invested in the horizontal cartoner for a production line in which gluten-free frozen pizza is manufactured.

PAL – Packaging for Automated Logistics

With the PAL, DIENST supplies a fully automatic packaging solution for the e-commerce of an international customer in the IT technology industry.

E-commerce sales have been growing steadily for years. The increasing individuality of orders is putting pressure on the logistics industry - agile solutions are needed instead of standardized  production and packaging lines. You can also find more information here.

Increased productivity: 72 packages per minute with minimized personnel requirements

Automation: Contents are inserted fully automatically

Quality assurance: inspection via QR code


Sustainable battery packaging for VARTA

For consumers, it is no longer just the quality or price of a product that counts. Sustainability has also established itself as an important factor in the non-food sector. Battery manufacturer VARTA has recognized the priority - DIENST Verpackungstechnik provided the solution.

"I've been in the business for 20 years and DIENST's machines are clearly among the top 10! The handling also went perfectly, on time despite the Corona pandemic." - Project Manager at VARTA

Increased productivity: 15% increase in output

Plastic savings: 20 million packages per year without blisters



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