Dienst and a New Generation

Mulit-format Packaging line for stackable bags

Dienst Verpackungstechnik GmbH developed an entirely new multi-format packaging line for one of the really big companies in the food industry. The newly designed Cartoner HK-IV and with it the final packer HE-Tray/Cover belongs to a unique combination with an immense variety of versions. The full line including conveying system - out of stainless steel - has been constructed and built by Dienst Verpackungstechnik GmbH. This line also convinces due to its outstanding but almost puristic design.

It is meant for example for 4-Side wrapping, bottom folded bags and stand-up pouches, which cannot be stacked in an efficient way on conventional packaging lines. Due to a sophisticated conveying system over servo-conveyor switches and a newly designed double synchronisation the products will be stacked in the opposite direction and by this a perfect geometry can be reached.

Clearly structured but flexible routing reflects the excellent know-how of our experienced constructing engineers. The breakthrough of the design was reached by not using the common metal feet but based on 4 main bearers including power- and datasupport.

Following operating modes can be handled due to the integrated control panel:

- Continuous operation up to 220 trays p/min

- Intermittent operation with 30 trays p/min for larger stacks

- 2-lines assorted packages of different components

- aligned stacking of stand-up pouches

- opposite stacking of pouches for geometrical variations

- integrated 2-line pouch refilling unit

- Display packaging of pouches in trays with covers

- Display packaging of folding trays with or without cover

A smart solution is an entire conveyor belt for the by-passing of the pouches perfectly hidden in the main frame of the Cartoner. The product for packing will be transported through the Cartoner to the display packer, where it is then be filled with a speed of 220 pouches per minute and closed with a foursided cover.

This tray packer is a fully servo-driven model equipped with 5 virtual master and 18 curve-driven servo-axes. Speed allows for approx. > 25 trays per minute. Magazine for tray and cover has been mounted to one side. Adjustment or setting of the servo axes is carried out through the control panels format change program, where the necessary parameters are stored. Other changes can be handled via digital indications and revolving settings. That means an easy-to-handle program of the tray packer was developed just for that.

In order to guarantee a continuous and smooth as well as a highly efficient running operation we offer some unique functions such as: automatic positioning evaluation, fully-automatic start-up process after interruption, sensor-controlled operating process as well as control of speed torques (each individual drive can be checked and controlled over online monitoring).

This is a well-achieved solution for all kinds of premium products and a still economic pouch packaging. Whether folding boxes or display cartons, one of our lines of Dienst Verpackungstechnik GmbH can handle and pack it fast and at the same time being top efficient.

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