DIENST Verpackungstechnik develops automated logistics solution

The company DIENST from Hofheim near Frankfurt specializes in individual solutions in the packaging industry. With the "PAL" - Packaging for Automated Logistics - it takes another big step towards automation.

E-commerce sales have been growing steadily for years, and the pandemic has intensified this development. The increasing individuality of orders is putting pressure on the logistics industry - agile solutions are needed instead of standardized production and packaging lines.

PAL - Packaging for Automated Logistics, is the name DIENST has given to the new system, which will be delivered to a customer in the logistics sector in the spring of 2022, and which addresses precisely this issue: PAL's extensive automation enables packages with different fillings to run mixed through the packaging line. Previously, it was necessary to select a separate setting for each combination and then run them one after the other. This flexibility enables productivity of up to 72 packages per minute while saving on labor costs. With the PAL, DIENST supplies an all-round system: from carton erector to package ready for dispatch, all steps are integrated in the 40-meter packaging line.

Dispatch via QR code
The individual contents depending on the order, including brochures and return labels, are inserted into the packaging. The latter is already done fully automatically; in the future, that will also happen with all objects. In the beginning, individual components are still inserted manually on the assembly line. "We offer our customer fully automatic product security by means of a QR code," says Wolfgang Lapke, project manager at DIENST. The PAL is the first system of its kind on the market. The solution lies in the QR code printed on each package. This tells the machine which product is inserted, which is constantly compared with the order in the higher-level system. In the event of errors, the package is ejected directly.

DIENST - High-performance Packaging Machines Made in Germany
In its modern production site near Frankfurt, DIENST Packsystems designs, develops and implements efficient, high-quality and individual packaging solutions for manufacturers in the consumer sectors of food, baby care, cosmetics, hygiene products, (home) electronics and many more.


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