Free webinar: Pizza Event

Free webinar: Pizza Event

On Thursday 27 May 2021, DIENST Packsystems, together with Sitma and Lorenz Pan, will present a holistic packaging solution - from foil-wrapping the product, to packing it in a pre-folded carton box, to stacking it on pallets to be ready for dispatch.

In the free webinar, experts from these three companies explain what is important in an efficient packaging process. The packaging solution focuses on the frozen pizza as an example.


The event will take place on May 27th from 14:00 to 14:30 CEST.

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Your speakers:

Frigyes Borbély

Head of Sales
DIENST Verpackungstechnik

As part of the comprehensive packaging solution, Frigyes Borbély presents the DIENST standard cartoner P3. It features technology that has been proven over many years and enables an output of 160 pizza products per minute.


Christopher Bender

Sales Manager


Arisma is a sales and service partner of Sitma and Lorenz Pan. This means that Christopher Bender can talk about the products of both companies with bundled expertise. Sitma systems take care of foil wrapping, while the stacking step is handled by Lorenz Pan machines.



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