25 years DIENST - a precision landing

Dienst has been founded on 21st September, 1988, and precisely 25 years later this was celebrated in the presence of numerous guests and employees

Hochheim am Main, 21st September, 2013: The anniversary celebrations were opened by Dr. Rall who welcomed all guests as well as the new owners being the families Mohr and Schuster and their children from Hofheim, Mr. and Mrs. Dienst, mayoress of Hochheim Mrs. Angelika Munck, the press and representatives of the Chamber of Industries and Commerce. Dirk König presented in an eloquent and professional way a colourful programme and estimated the cheerfulness and welcoming atmosphere.

The band "so what" convinced through their excellent performance and great variety of songs. Thanks to the fantastic sunny weather, the band could stick to their name and did not have to be changed into "so wet".

Real fun for the children was not only to see the working places of their Mums and Dads but also to participate in a number of kids activities such as face-painting, handycraft works, table football, and a lot more. A clear highlight was the personal coin being freshly milled in the high-performance processing centre of Dienst. Decorated with pearls and completed with a necklace they are now proudly worn by these children.

With the live-show of a HK II B Horizontal Cartoner all guests could gain a personal impression of how precise and fast a Cartoner of Dienst is doing the packaging of carton boxes.

Mr. Roland Jung as COO, being with Dienst already for more than 20 years, held a speech and handed to all organisers a small gift. The same time Mr. Ralf Hübner, just on board of Dienst since 1st September, was introduced as new CSO who stands at the customers' disposal.

Summarising the celebrations: it was a very personal and pleasant Anniversary party with friendly and enjoyable guests. Well cared for from a culinary point of view everyone was happy and hopes for a repetition.

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