Fully Automated Logistic Solution

For the individual, ready-for-dispatch processing of orders

DIENST Verpackungstechnik GmbH has developed a packaging line in which the components of the individual packages are enclosed individually and fully automatically. Different product combinations as well as different language versions for brochures and return labels - each package is individual.

The extensive automation of the PAL makes it possible for differently filled packages to run mixed through the packaging line. There are intermediate control points where incorrectly sorted packages are ejected. This flexibility enables productivity of up to 72 packages per minute and also saves on personnel costs.

With the PAL, DIENST supplies an all-round system: from the case erector to the package ready for dispatch, all steps are integrated with the over 40-meter-long packaging line.

Function Principle

In the carton erecting system, the blanks are prepared for filling and placed on the conveyor belt.



The core of the PAL is the filling: Different products are automatically inserted by product dispensers - the information about the content comes from the higher-level system.


The information about the contents comes from the higher-level system. This system uses barcode readers to compare whether the correct product has been inserted after each product dispenser.


The final step is performed by the three-flap closer, which reliably seals the carton with hot glue and discharges it ready for dispatch at the end of the packaging line.