DIENST HE Wrap Around

Fully Automated, One-Piece Shell Pack for Container Forms as Wrap-Around

The HE WA is designed in a modular ergonomic way for packing folding boxes and bags in a one-piece carton.

Function Principle

The DIENST final packer HE WA is designed in the packaging process as fully automatic solution. The pre-packaged products are put together as a set and inserted mechanically into the open cartons. After intaking the packing units the flat carton is folded around the product and sealed with hot-melt glue. Due to the closed tool head precise folding and glueing of cartons is guaranteed. Additionally the carton can be encoded.

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Customer Benefit
  • cost-efficient secondary packaging.
  • automated documentation of stored settings. Ensured reproducibility of all machine settings.
  • partly automated format change.
  • additional adjustments by spindles with counters.
  • clearly structured operation panel with self-explanatory play and visualization of functions.
  • speedy recovery after incident to ensure the highest availability of the system.
  • material protection through individual motion profiles of the servo drives adapted to every format.
  • permanent data storage of the servo drives with trend analysis to prevent production down-times.

The connection of the flaps with the case wall takes place through hot-melt application units.

For a secure shipping, additional cold-glue fuses are optional.

Design and Equipment

The system is constructed in a modular and ergonomic way with a particular focus on user-friendly handling and optimal long-term benefits.

The product is transported on three levels that are fully accessible. The partly automated format change facilitates adaptation to the packaging product.

  • separate drive of the modules with servo drives as precondition for a dynamic quiet run without vibration.
  • base frame out of stainless steel.
  • the used components are of extremely low-maintenance.
  • product related control, routing and intake devices.
  • operation by colour touch screen.
  • integrated monitoring with continuous diagnosis is part of DIENST standard equipment.
Technical Data
  • mode: intermittent
  • performance*: max. cycles/min. 25
  • closing techniques: Hot-melt
  • format range:
    L = 200-600, B = 100-400, H = 70-400 mm
    other formats on request
  • cardboard magazine: approx. 650-1.000 mm
  • weight of standard machine:  approx. 2.000 kg

* depends on folded box format and/or product

  • strong cold-glue securing of the packaging as an additional protection for worldwide shipping.
  • extension of the magazine for a higher intake of carton blanks.
  • optical sensors for detecting open packaging flaps.
  • carton ejection for incorrectly glued cartons to prevent production stoppage.
  • individual selection of appropriate grouping devices.
  • extended conveyor systems and transportation devices.
  • equipment with different coding systems.
  • software module for remote maintenance and diagnostics.