Top model in attractive „3-zone-design“

The horizontal cartoner HK 4 automates as a class of its own the filling process of pre-glued folding boxes considering highest demands on format variety, low tooling time, ergonomics and high machine availability.

High performance of up to 400 cycles/min. combined with smooth product handling is realised.

Operating Principle HK 4

During the operational and synchronisation process the stable or flexible products are conveyed parallel to the folding box conveyor by a flexible bucket conveyor and then get smoothly inserted through circumferential pushers.

The filled folding boxes are closed through hot-melt application system or tuck-in, coded and controlled in accordance with customer’s specification.

Several control elements provide a trouble-free operation.



Customer Benefit
  • considerate material treatment by adapted motion profiles of servo drives for every format with overload functionality.
  • safe insertion and constant malfunction monitoring with sensitive overload-declutch of the pushers.
  • leak-proof welded base frame for highest hygienic demands.
  • ensured reproducibility of all machine settings by editable storage of all value settings.
  • clearly structured operation panel with self-explanatory display and visualisation of the functional sequence.
Folding-Box Closing-System

The flaps of the filled folding boxes are closed either through hot-melt application or tuck-in and could be coded optionally.

Design and Equipment

The DIENST HK 4 is designed in ergonomic “3-zone-design”: On the top there is the technical area, in the medium level the product transfer and on the lower level there are slope sheets for collecting and removing any soiling.

The system is made of high quality stainless steel and wear-resistant materials. The base frame is welded leak-proof so the machine surpasses partly the HACCP-demands.

For easy and secured operator’s accessibility the product transfer takes place on one level.

  • separate drive of all modules by servo technology preventing vibrations and assuring a smooth and dynamic run.
  • operation by colour touch screen.
  • product related infeed system such as flap layer, star layer or conveyor infeed system.
  • integrated monitoring with continuous diagnosis is part of DIENST standard equipment.
Technical Data
  • mode: continuous, intermittent (change is possible)
  • performance*: max. 400 cycles/min.
  • closing techniques: hot-melt, tuck-in
  • format range:
    A = 70-360, B = 25-130 (175**), H = (65**) 105-400 mm
  • cardboard magazine: horizontal 1.200-3.000 mm
  • weight of standard machine: approx. 2.300 kg

* depends on folded box format and/or product

** optional

  • mounting of several magazines for different sorts.
  • magazine extension for additional carton blank acceptance.
  • packaging and product-related control, routing and infeed devices.
  • optical sensors detecting open flaps.
  • exfiltration station for detected incomplete packs to prevent production down-times.
  • network-capable production-monitoring through integration of third-party machines to the production line.
  • extended corrosion protection for special climatic demands.
  • software module for remote maintenance and diagnostics.
  • equipment with different coding systems and types is possible.