Gluten-free frozen pizza, packed with the DIENST P³

The P³ standard cartoner from the packaging specialist from Germany is a successful model. The Appetais company has also recognized this: It invested in the horizontal cartoner for a production line in which gluten-free frozen pizza is manufactured.

The demands and requirements of customers in the food sector are increasing. The gluten-free segment in particular has grown considerably in recent years, and even discount stores now offer foods without gluten. It is not only people with an intolerance or tolerance who are turning to the alternative, even though scientists disagree about the health benefits for those without the disease. More and more gluten-free variants are also making their way onto the shelves of convenience products such as frozen foods. The company Appetais based in Italy has developed a completely new production line for gluten-free frozen pizza. The historic bakery in Genova was converted in 2016 into a facility dedicated exclusively to the production of frozen gluten-free products with AIC certification. There are particularly high hygiene requirements in the production and processing of gluten-free products: The products must not come into contact in any way with conventional cereal products and the gluten protein they contain - even a few crumbs can trigger discomfort in sufferers.
In the fall of 2021, the company invested in a packaging machine from DIENST. "The experience with DIENST was great. In a very complex situation due to the pandemic, the DIENST team was able to respond to the difficulties and proved to be efficient and very cooperative," praises Andrea Camorati, project manager at the Italian producer.

P³ standard cartoner from DIENST is a model of success
Appetais has chosen DIENST as a leading company in the packaging industry, also on the recommendation of consultants. The standard cartoner P³ is often referred to as the "pizza cartoner", and well-known manufacturers of frozen pizza have several of them in their production halls. This is now also the case at Appetais Italia S.p.A. in Genoa. The machine has been in operation there for a good six months and the team is extremely satisfied. "The machine is characterized by high productivity, great efficiency, ease of operation and speed during format changes," reports Andrea Camorati, project manager at the Italian company. With up to 160 cycles per minute, the P³ is a real speed miracle. It also requires little maintenance, is solid and, thanks to its high quality, practically indestructible. As with every other cartoner from DIENST, the surfaces are made of stainless steel. The particularly hygienic, germ-resistant material is an advantage in view of the strict requirements for the production of gluten-free food.

Specialist for individual solutions
DIENST Verpackungstechnik GmbH has been part of the POLAR Group in Hofheim am Taunus for over 10 years. Based at the Hofheim plant since 2020, the company designs, develops and implements efficient, high-quality and individual packaging solutions for manufacturers from various consumer sectors. In addition to horizontal cartoning machines, the product portfolio includes machines from the Top Load and End of Line sectors. Through customized solutions, also for entire packaging lines, DIENST is a recognized partner of internationally leading producers and major corporations.


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