A new DIENST machine type generation

Sleeving machinery - a new DIENST machine type generation

Mit der HS IV-S stellt Dienst eine neue Generation von Sleevemaschinen mit seitlichem Produkteinschub vor.

DIENST presents a new machine type HS IV-S: Sleeving machines for product banding. Already a market success, this machine is a further development of DIENST type IV series, featuring modular servo driven technology. The sleeving machine HS IV-S works with sidwise product insertion.

Ergonomic cantilevered balcony style GMP design, compact design and high performance (up to 200 cycles/min.) are the characteristics of this concept. Suitable for all applications in the range of product banding on/over blank, this new machine line supplies high performance and top flexibility.

A new generation of DIENST sleeving machines: Machine type HS IV-S with sidewise product insertion.

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